Tooth Cleaning in Melbourne & Palm Bay, FL

We are able to provide a wide range of Dental services at our office which serves the Melbourne and Palm Bay Areas respective, so whether you have emergency dental needs or you are looking for a cosmetic smile make over, you have found the right practice.  Reflecting back on 30 years of Dental practice, it amazing to me what can be achieved with today advanced techniques and technologies.   Dental restorations today routinely look nicer, last longer, and work better that they ever did in the past.  Many teeth can be repaired that were extracted in the past, many teeth can be repaired conservatively that required crowns in the past, often small early lesions can be sealed to prevent decay that required fillings in the past.  Dentistry has truly moved forward during my career, and while it takes constant effort and retraining to stay current, I am proud that our team has done so.



General Dental Procedures

Dental Cleanings - Regular evaluation and cleanings are important in maintaining  good dental health.  Daily brushing and flossing can remove the bacteria (plaque) that accumulates daily, but once the plaque becomes mineralized (tartar) it must be professionally removed.  Typically twice a year is sufficient for many patients, but some patient require more frequent care.


Our Dental Hygienist, Constance Clowdus has been working at this office for 27 years and came to us with years of experience.  She does fine job, and has earned many friends here over the years.  Every patient in unique, but usually the first step is to scale the teeth to remove any accumulated tartar with mechanical or hand scalers.  If any x-rays are needed (we use digital technology), they are usually made after the initial scaling.  Once the hard, mineralized deposits are removed, the teeth are polished to remove any remaining stain or plaque deposits.  You can expect to see Dr Bailey during your visit, and please feel free to ask any questions. 


Dental Exams, It is hard to over emphasize the importance of a proper dental examination.  The length of time spent, and information required with depend on your individual needs.  All patients benefit from an oral exam that includes both visual (mouth mirrors or lights) and tactile (dental picks or probes) procedures.  Existing restorations are checked, and the periodontal (gums) health is evaluated. Oral cancer screening, health history review, and blood pressure are routinely done as part of our normal procedures.  Some patients have complex problems, and may require a more extensive evaluation.  You should expect to understand what is needed in your case, your options, and the likely costs before any treatment is performed.


Dental X-rays,  Dental x-rays are important and routinely reveal unsuspected problems that can then be solved more conservatively. We use low dose digital xray technology that results in a far lower radiation dose than you would receive during a day on one of our beautiful Florida beaches.  Ask Connie to show you a chart of how our digital xrays compare to some surprising radiation sources.  If your prior xrays are available to you, please bring them along, they will help us diagnose your case and might even save you a couple of dollars.


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